LB Group is a Michigan-based company that designs things - but not just "things." We design for you. 

We're passionate about making great designs that work for our clients, that fit their brand and image, that really solve their problems, that sell their products and ideas, and that get them out there and market them how they want to be marketed. We believe in design as a solution. After all, design shouldn't just be filling in some template or painting by the numbers. 

We at LB Group believe that, as providers of a service, it is important to work with a client to make sure that they are as happy with the final product as possible. To borrow a quote from designer Marshall Bonobos, "great service is about communication, sincerity, and action--not blind automation." Basically: we want to work with you to produce a great product that not only fits you, but solves your problems too.

To learn more about what we do, check out our Services page.